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   · Sewing machinery

· Laying, cutting, ironing and other equipment for sewing factories

· Sewing machines needles, spare parts, acc.

· Servicing :




YAMATO SEWING MACHINE (Japan) - high productivity interlock stitch, overlock industrial sewing machines, special chain stitch machines and automatic units.

BROTHER INDUSTRIES, LTD. (Japan) – high quality lockstitch industrial sewing machines, semi-automatic machines, programmable electronically-controlled pattern automatic sewing machines and embroidery machines.

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC (Japan) – heavy-duty lockstitch industrial sewing machines, programmable reliable servo-motors, perfect high-technology programmable electronically-controlled pattern automatic sewing machines

SCHIPS AG (Switzerland) - sewing workstations, automatic units, sewing processes automatization, special ultrasonic machines for seamless production.

MAIER-UNITAS (Germany) - full range of blind stitch sewing machines, grinding equipment for knives and scissors, high quality spare parts.

HIGHLEAD (China) - reliable industrial sewing machines, a wide range of heavy-duty and extra heavy-duty sewing machines.

K-CHANCE (Taiwan) - high quality button, buttonholing and bartacking machines, interlock stitch, zig-zag machines and special chain stitch machines.

MEGASEW (Taiwan) – high quality industrial Feed-Off-The-Arm Flatseamers.

MURATA (Taiwan) – wide range of multi-needle, double chain-stitch sewing machines which including smocking stitch with under-elastic-thread, smocking stitch with decorative thread, multi-needle stitch without under-thread, smocking stitch without under-thread, and shirring stitch sewing machines.

A. De Koninck nv (Belgium) - TITAN: heavy duty sewing machines and automatic systems for heavy fabrics such as carpets or technical textiles / BARATTO: industrial scalloping machines to finish Home textiles or for fashion embroidery / CORNELY: industrial embroidery machines to finish Home textiles or for fashion embroidery.

MACPI GROUP (Italy) - a wide range of high quality equipment for garments intermediate ironing and finishing, fusing machines, steam generators and boiler-room. Vacuum Units. Complete solution for pressing room.

Furthermore, special machines for lingerie and high-technology special bonding machines for modern sew-free (seamless) technology.

ANGINETTI/CAMPTEL (Italy) - reliable standard ironing equipment.

OSHIMA (Taiwan) - fusing presses, band knife machines, etc.

LOTUS (Italy) - wide range of presses for heat transfer printing.

CONTI COMPLETE (Italy) - linking machines, “hand-stitch” and other special machines.

RACING ((Taiwan) - various special mechanical and electronic devices for industrial sewing machines.

SUPRENA (Japan high quality hand cutting machines.

FERD. SCHMETZ GMBH (Germany) – the best needles for all kinds of sewing machines.

Rimoldi & CF (Italy) – spare parts, attachments, devices and special sewing machines.

HIROSHI HOOKS (Japan) – high quality hooks and bobbin cases for all kind of the industrial sewing machines.

KRETZER SCHEREN SOLINGEN (Germany) - professional stainless scissors for the perfect, precise, comfortable and easy cutting.

AVERY DENNISON (USA) - the highest quality fastening products.

SPRAY WAY (USA) - the highest quality aerosol products for sewing industry.

Profesional ironing equipment and household sewing machines.

STIROLUX (Italy) – professional ironing equipment for small production and for home use.

JANOME (Japan) – wide range of high quality household sewing and embroidery machines.

Furthermore, we also supply wide range of other equipment as well as a wide range of spare parts, various attachments and other accessories…

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